Tim, I found a new sport for ya…

Check it out… Looks like they’re at Trollstigen in Norway for some of the jumps. I’ll stick with climbing mountains, seems a bit safer.


During the day I had scouted out a place which I thought would be a good sunset view of the city. But stupid me, I forgot to actually check when the sunset was, so when I returned about 1.5 hours too early ( I thought the walk would take longer than it did) I was left sitting on top of this hill on the most uncomfortable crappy little bench that can possibly be constructed while waiting for the light to fade. And of course Wellington is a city that isn’t short on its gusty winds, so I had to resort to aerobics every few minutes to try and keep warm, with people passing by from time to time giving me slightly funny looks for my apparent eccentricities.

Panoramic photograph of Wellington, New Zealand

Eilean a’ Cheò

It was sometime just after dawn on a cold and rainy late September day in 2003 that I first saw the shadowy cliffs of the Isle of Skye rising from the stormy sea. Arriving there that morning pretty much ruined any plans I had for seeing the rest of Scotland, as I wasn’t able to leave until it was almost time to fly home, nearly a month later. And again in the autumn of last year, I got ‘stuck’ for two and a half months. I’m sure it wont be the last time…

cody duncan photography: dramatic light over isle of skye, Scotland


Drove by this bugger the other day and thought it could make a cool photo, so I stopped by this evening. Didn’t quite get the shot I was looking for, need to bring a few more strobes nextime. Perhaps tomorrow.

bulldozer on beach in Santa Barbara California - Cody Duncan Photography

bulldozer on beach in Santa Barbara California - Cody Duncan Photography

sandspit shredding and kelly slater

Continuation of an epic day…

After heading back from Rincon and dropping my self-employed buddy Tim (who does not have as much free time as a self-unemployed person like myself) off at his office, I was off to checkout sandspit, at the end of the breakwater in the Santa Barbara harbor. The parking lot was a total gnarled mess but I luckily pulled up just as someone was leaving, else I may have just gone home. While the waves were much smaller than Rincon there was still plenty of action to be seen. (note to self: put on sunblock tomorrow)

surfer arial action sequence, Sandspit, Santa Barbara december 2007

sandspit santa barbara

surfboard santa barbara 2007

surfer at sandspit, santa barbara large winter swell december 2007

surfer at sandspit, Santa Barbara, large swell december 2007

surfers and large wave crashing, Sandspit, Santa Barbara, large winter swell december 2007

surfer at Sandspit, Santa Barbara, december 2007

surfer in barrell, Sandspit, Santa Barbara. December 2007

I returned again in the afternoon, and Spotted Kelly Slater among the lineup.

Kelly Slater at Sandspit, Santa Barbara. December 2007

Kelly Slater at Sandspit, Santa Barbara. December 2007

And so the light faded…

surfer, Sandspit breakwater, Santa Barbara december 2007

crowd looking over breakwater, Sandspit, Santa Barbara

crowd looking over breakwater, Sandspit, Santa Barbara, December 2007

rincon dawn

Got myself up at 5:00am this morning and headed down to Rincon for some pics of the big swell coming through. Even though we arrived in the darkness of the pre-dawn, the parking lot was already almost filled to capacity, a good sign. The surf was big. With sets coming in of at least 2x overhead, if not bigger from time to time. People were getting pounded left and right and a few boards were broken within the hour and a half I was there. By the time we left, there were people everywhere, with cars parked past the 101 north bound on-ramp.

Here’s a few pics from the morning. I stopped by sandspit around noon, and got a ton more shots there as well, which I’ll post later, as its time to get back to the beach for some more shooting…

rincon sunrise 2007

silhouette of surfer at rincon point. cody duncan photography

large wave at sunrise, Rincon Point, Santa Barbara

broken surfboard on rocks, rincon point

surfer in large wave, rincon

surfer getting air, Rincon

surfer bailing from large wave, Rincon

surfers walking along shore, Rincon

surfer carving on wave, Rincon

surf’s up

The storm that has been battering the Pacific north-west the last few days has sent a massive swell down to us. I didn’t get to the beach until near sunset, but the normally quite placid Ledbetter beach was breaking overhead. Tomorrow morning it’s an early 5:00am wakeup to head to either Jalama or Rincon for sunrise.

A couple pics from this evening, but the light was pretty much gone by the time I arrived. Better stuff tomorrow, with luck.

surfer at ledbetter beach

surfer at ledbetter beach

kinlochleven – kinloch

Kinlochleven, Scotland. October 2006


Kinloch, New Zealand. December 2005

kinloch, New Zealand

Language lesson: ‘kin’ is a Gaelic prefix for ‘head’ or ‘top.’ Hence, ‘kinlochleven’ = head of Loch Leven.