During the day I had scouted out a place which I thought would be a good sunset view of the city. But stupid me, I forgot to actually check when the sunset was, so when I returned about 1.5 hours too early ( I thought the walk would take longer than it did) I was left sitting on top of this hill on the most uncomfortable crappy little bench that can possibly be constructed while waiting for the light to fade. And of course Wellington is a city that isn’t short on its gusty winds, so I had to resort to aerobics every few minutes to try and keep warm, with people passing by from time to time giving me slightly funny looks for my apparent eccentricities.

Panoramic photograph of Wellington, New Zealand

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  1. Amy says:

    Hey Cody,
    Thought I’d drop by and see your progress on uploading and sorting images. Where’s all the photos that I may have appeared in? Just checking. I’m going to finally start putting together my Europe trip album…finally. I think that will be my Xmas present to Claire as well. Anyway, beautiful website. Good job my friend,

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