Haukland Beach – Lofoten Islands

Haukland beach, Lofoten islands, Norway

Haukland beach, Lofoten islands, Norway

Brecon Beacons Winter Photo Gallery

Pen Y Fan at dawn winter snow, Brecon Beacons, Wales

Brecon Beacons December 2009 photo gallery

I’ve uploaded about 40 new photos so far from the mountains after the snow in December.  I made a few trips up Corn Du and Pen Y Fan and once up Fan Fawr.  Recently added photos appear at the top of the gallery, which I’ll still be adding to during the next weeks as I get more photos processed.  There’s also a few old photos from 2006, you can tell which ones they are as there’s no snow.

Fan Fawr with winter snow, Brecon Beacons national park, Wales

Claerwen Reservoir Dam – Elan Valley, Wales

Panoramic photo: Claerwen Dam, Elan Valley, Wales

Water overflow after heavy rains, Claerwen Reservoir dam, Elan Valley, Wales

Corn Du – Brecon Beacons

Panoramic landscape photography: Corn Du hidden in clouds, Brecon Beacons, Wales

View from Pen Y Fan of Corn Du partially hidden in Clouds, Brecon Beacons, Wales.  December 21, 2009

Super cold and lots of snow, but the winds were calm. The clouds were slowly blowing over the summits creating total whiteouts with occasional moments of visibility. Would have been easy to get lost if I wasn’t familiar with the area.

Lofoten Islands – Flakstad

Panoramic landscape photography: Flakstad beach, Lofoten islands, Norway

Flakstad, Lofoten Islands, Norway.

In summer under blue skies, this is a wonderful beach that is often crowded with people.  In early January it is a cold and windswept place – which is perfect for me because there are no footprints.

Nikon D700, 24mm tilt-shift lens.

Santa Barbara – Shipwrecks

Santa Barbara, California - Beached sailboat after el nino winter storm, January 2010

After nearly one week the storms have finally departed as Saturday started off with a perfectly blue sky (probably the nicest day I’ve had since I left California in September).  Santa Barbara’s East beach was littered with numerous beached boats which were torn loose from mooring just off the coast; where the sea is normally calm and placid.  Some of the boats might be salvageable while others seem to be a complete loss, unfortunately.

Santa Barbara, California - Beached sailboat after el nino winter storm, January 2010

Santa Barbara, California - Beached sailboat after el nino winter storm, January 2010

Santa Barbara, California - Beached sailboat after el nino winter storm, January 2010

Unstad – Lofoten

Snow covered beach, Unstad, Lofoten islands, Norway

Unstad beach, Lofoten islands, Norway.

An unrelenting storm had been hanging over the islands all day, but the weather on the islands can be quite localized, so I took a gamble that the north side might have some better weather, and indeed it did.  Emerging from the tunnel to Unstad, the snow had stopped and been divereted around the mountains that surround the village.  I wish I had arrived earlier as the day was already late and darkness – and more snow – was soon to come.

Lofoten Islands – Kjerkfjord

Landscape travel stock photography: Kjerkefjorden, Reine, Lofoten islands, Norway

Kjerkfjord as seen from near Reine, Lofoten islands, Norway.

This is the light at around 1:30 pm on the afternoon of January 6, the first day since mid December where the sun once again appears on the horizon at 68˚ north.  Got lucky to have calm winds and mostly clear skies on this day.  Imagine more or less the same light like this lasting for hours.  Magical.

Shipwreck – Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, California: January 2009 winter storm, Shipwreck, East Beach

Several big storms have been blowing through southern California over the last days causing quite a bit of chaos to a place that is normally used to sunshine.  High seas have torn several sailboats loose from their moorings and washed them ashore on East Beach near the Cabrillo Bath house.  Went down to the beach early this morning in a brief pause in the rain to take a few photos.  Now back at the house at 8:00 am, rain is pounding the windows and low rumbles of thunder can be heard every few minutes.

Winter storm 2009, East Beach Shipwreck, Santa Barbara California

Lofoten – Haukland Beach

Haukland beach in winter, Lofoten islands, Norway: Travel Landscape stock photography

Haukland Beach winter, Lofoten islands, Norway.

When the sky is clear, the light as this amazing diffuse glow to it.  Due to being so far north, the sun travel at much more of a horizontal angle than what occurs as one approaches the equator.  So due to this, the period of ‘sunset’ or ‘sunrise’ light is extended into hours, not just minutes.  In early January, the sun barely rises above the horizon so there is not really any direct sunlight, more like a 4-5 hour sunrise-sunset until the darkness of night comes by about 2:30-3:00 pm.