The Sea to Tasiilaq

Video + Stills

Filmed in August 2015 during a 3 week sailing expedition from the Westfjords of Iceland to Tasiilaq, Greenland and back.

Lofoten – Northern Light

Video + Time Lapse

Shot during my visits during the summers and autumns of 2013, 2014, 2015.

Lofoten Winter

Video + Time Lapse

Mostly filmed during the winter of 2015 and some footage from 2014. Hurricanes and northern lights…

Kungsleden Trail – Sweden

Video + Time Lapse

Filmed while hiking the northern section of the Kungsleden trail from Nikkaluokta to Abisko during September 2012.

Lofoten By Sea


Filmed during a two week sailing along the Norwegian coast from Tromsø to the Lofoten Islands in August and September 2014.