burg eisenberg

Set ablaze in September 1646 during the late days of the 30 years war to keep it from falling into the hands of the approaching Swedish led Protestant army.

burg eisenberg

strange painting

If I could speak Czech (though it almost looks like Latin?), perhaps it would help in my deciphering of this cool painting. It was on some old wall in the super cool town of Cesky Krumlov.

cesky krumlov

fallen giant

I don’t think this would be considered part of the average Arctic whale watching tour. It was a grizzly and unexpected scene to come across while on an overnight hike along the Lofoten coastline.

dead whale, Lofoten Islands, Norway


7 shot pano of a wintry Stamsund, taken while on the way to Steinetind on a cold snowy spring day.

Stamsund Lofoten Islands

stone graffiti

On the Bastei bridge in Sächsische Schweiz.


arthur’s pass

One of the coolest places in the world! I’ve been busy going through my archives as I’ve been submitting to a new stock agency and looking for images to send in (its my ambitious goal to reach 1,000 images by the end of the year). I shot a lot of panoramics while in New Zealand, but never really took the time to process them. So its kind of cool sorting through photos that I haven’t really looked at for over a year; brings back lots of cool memories.

Arthurs pass panoramic

arthurs pass new zealand

arthurs pass new zealand


Normally I don’t take much interest in shooting sunsets, but sometimes I can’t resist. I took this shot about 4 years ago, and quite by accident. The previous day we had gotten some cool clouds in Santa Barbara (and for those of you not from Santa Barbara, it’s not too often that we get any sort of ‘interesting’ weather), so this day I had driven up to La Cumbre peak, as I had some old film and felt like taking some pictures to see how things would come out. As time progressed, the light got nicer and nicer. As I wasn’t planning on shooting anything serious, I was lucky I had a roll of film that wasn’t expired by 5+ years, and thus able to take a few decent shots. Just digging through some archives and came across this shot, perhaps a bit bored as well…



The shore break can be a bit gnarly. My mom trying to go for a swim.




Baja 1000

I’ve put up a few picture galleries from the Baja 1000 on my photoshelter account: Trophy trucks – Class 1, Motorcycles, Quads.

Robby Bell, 1x honda rider, 2007 Baja 1000

Concentration: The young Robby Bell of the 1x Honda team lead the start for their first place overall finish of 24:15 – 1,296 miles.

Robby Gordon at finish of 2007 Baja 1000

The ever popular Robby Gordon, Just after finishing.

Still more info and photos of the whole trip coming soon, I promise. Just have to focus on the business stuff for a few days.