Portofino and Camogli, Italy

I was over in Italy working on a project for a couple weeks back in May.  For the most part I was based in Bologna, where unseasonably bad weather brought rain and gloom nearly every day.  Luckily I was working inside most the time, so it wasn’t too bad, but it meant that any free time I had wasn’t very conductive for photography.

I did have some free time and ended up on the Italian Riviera for a few days, where the weather was a bit more cooperative.

Scenic harbor and waterfront, Portofino, Liguria, Italy

Scenic little harbor in the town of Portofino, at the end of the road on a tiny peninsula.  The town is a little north of the more popular Cinque Terre region, so it is much less crowded while still pretty nice.

Fishing net hangs to dry in harbour, Camogli, Liguria, Italy

Coastal walkway and buildings, Camogli, Liguria, Italy

Camogli, another nice little town.

Camogli, Ligura, Italy

Harbor and hillside houses in Camogli.

Detail of old door, Camogli, Liguria, Italy

Italy – Images by Cody Duncan