Well, I only managed to go a week…

…before getting my van stuck! Driving down some dirt road in the middle of nowhere trying to get to some beach, it ends with a fence and nowhere to turn around. So instead of listening to my own advice, I actually say out loud that I’m going to get stuck turning around, I listen to one of the other guys who says, “it’s ok here.”
Long story short, it took us about an hour to get out, myself having to jack up my back tire so we could put a log underneath to get some traction, and then repeat about 10 times.



New, or rather, old van

I bought myself a van today in Christchurch. ‘83 toyota.

I have a bunch of writings and pictures to post, I’ll get to it sooner or later, now that I have my own transportation, I think I will find a place to stay for the next month or so, where hopefully I can work at a hostel for free accommodation or such. And hopefully free internet access, otherwise, it is often quite expensive to use around here, and I’ve only seen 1 library so far, in Wellington, but I’m sure they likely charged as well!

It’s a nice day out, so it’s time to get outside now…