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68 North Lofoten Islands Photography

68 North – Lofoten Islands Photography

I’ve finally finished up the re-design of my 68north.com website, my Lofoten Islands photo gallery.  I wrote some 6,000+ words of new content and have expanded things out to include travel and hiking info.  It’s not 100% finished at the moment, but I’m pretty happy with how things turned out so far.  Over the next months I’ll keep adding info, and will go into more detail about photography on the Lofoten Islands.  Hopefully I’ll end up with detailed descriptions of my favorite photo locations and when is the best time to photograph at each place.

I’ll probably still share a fair bit of general Lofoten content with my blog here, but will likely add a bit more detail over there from now on.  So go check things out! And let me know what you think!

And the photos are way bigger over there!

68 North Lofoten Islands Photography

Summer Sun

Summer sun shines over Kjerkfjord, Reine, Lofoten islands, Norway

Photo: Summer sun over Kjerkfjord, Lofoten Islands, Norway.  July 2010

Today is the beginning of nearly two months of the midnight sun on the Lofoten Islands.  While summer is still a few weeks away, starts wont shine in the sky again until August.

I’ve been a bit absent of late.  Partly because I haven’t done anything of interest in the past weeks and partly because I’m working on a big re-make of both this website and my Lofoten Islands gallery website: 68 North.  I’m starting with 68 North first, as it will be a simpler process.  I’ve written some 5,000 words of new content (a lot for me) and am in the final stages of working out some design bugs.  Hopefully I can get everything online and working by Monday, as I’ve put things off too long already. Probably won’t be perfect, but it will be a start and something I can build from.

I’ll probably get around to changing this website next month.  I’ll be incorporating the blog together with my website, which will probably result in the breaking of all my links here on the blog; another reason I’ve haven’t added much lately.  No point if it’s not going to work in another month.  If you read things by an RSS feed, you’ll probably need to re-subscribe.  I’ll make a final post a day or two before I change things over, sometime next month hopefully.

Mount Whitney

Mount whitney camping

Photo: Night descends on camp at Iceberg lake with Mt. Whitney in background, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California.  April 2012

Over the weekend my brother and I attempted a quick trip up the Mountaineers Route on Mt. Whitney, California’s highest mountain.  We were a bit rushed on time, with my brother having a motorcycle race starting at 8am on Sunday, and also trying to beat the permit quota which starts today, May 1st.  So We turned around a little short the summit, not being able to commit the time needed and also not acclimatized enough.  This was his first real trip into the mountains so we weren’t looking to push things at all; the mountain isn’t going anywhere anyhow.  Was still a fun trip and wonderful weather.  Conditions this year are super dry, compare to my photos from this time two years ago.

Mount Whitney mountaineers route hiking

Photo: Hiking over rocky terrain of the mountaineers route with Mt. Whitney in the background, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California.  April 2012


Mount Whitney mountaineers route hiking

Photo: Ascending the mountaineers route on Mt. Whitney, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California.  April 2012


Mount Whitney mountaineers route hiking

Photo: Descending the mountaineers route towards Iceberg lake, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California.  April 2012