rincon dawn

Got myself up at 5:00am this morning and headed down to Rincon for some pics of the big swell coming through. Even though we arrived in the darkness of the pre-dawn, the parking lot was already almost filled to capacity, a good sign. The surf was big. With sets coming in of at least 2x overhead, if not bigger from time to time. People were getting pounded left and right and a few boards were broken within the hour and a half I was there. By the time we left, there were people everywhere, with cars parked past the 101 north bound on-ramp.

Here’s a few pics from the morning. I stopped by sandspit around noon, and got a ton more shots there as well, which I’ll post later, as its time to get back to the beach for some more shooting…

rincon sunrise 2007

silhouette of surfer at rincon point. cody duncan photography

large wave at sunrise, Rincon Point, Santa Barbara

broken surfboard on rocks, rincon point

surfer in large wave, rincon

surfer getting air, Rincon

surfer bailing from large wave, Rincon

surfers walking along shore, Rincon

surfer carving on wave, Rincon

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  1. Ben Yeager says:

    The kid in the green wetty is my little brother Christian Yeager he rides for jedidiah, smith, Arbor, and dakine try selling the shots to jedidiah they might pick them up good times and epic surf. I think your buddy halberg got one of me going backside with the blue armed wetsuit … thanks Guys
    Ben Yeager

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