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California Roadtrip

Been on the road the last two weeks. This weekend I have for a bit of rest and then packing for another 2 week trip I leave for early on Monday. A few pics for now, more coming later this month… Click on panos to view larger:

Sierra bound

On Saturday at 5 am I depart for a 10 day road trip to the Sierra. I passed through on my way to Oregon last month, but it was all too brief, considering it has been almost 2 years since I have stood atop one of those fine granite peaks. Hopefully the weather will cooperate, […]


Lake Wanaka as seen from near the summit of Roy’s Peak. It was a cold and wet spring day when my buddy Mikkel and I decided to hike to the top, with the hope that the rain would hold for a little while longer. Nearly to the top, a gentle snow began to fall. One […]

Oh Mt. Cook, Where art thee?

My sunset at Lake Matheson, said to be one of the most photographed spots in New Zealand. If one is lucky, The magnificent Mt. Cook will be seen rising in the distance. But as the Southern Alps are basically a 12,000 foot wall rising only a few short miles from the coast, they serve as […]


There is nothing more spectacular than a wall of snow covered peaks rising from the sea. I have been haunted by the Lofoten since I first saw them 6 years ago, twice I have returned, but I fear that shall not be enough…

Lake Powell: Wide

3 shots stitched together in Photoshop. Click image to view larger. Tilt shift pano: 3 shots while utilizing lens tilt to change focal plane to center of frame (vertically). Click to view larger.


It was a cold May evening that I departed Lofoten, where I had spent the previous three weeks; arriving on an even colder April night in the middle of snow and wind and darkness. My destination was Trondheim, two days to the south traveling on the Hurtigruten, where I was then flying out the next […]

Midnight Adventure

Santa Barbara got a pretty major thunderstorm last night. There was more lightning last night than I’ve seen in the past 10 years in total. Unfortunately I was in a good editing groove on my computer and wasn’t finally drawn out the door until past 11. At first I thought to head to the Santa […]