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68º North: Arctic Surf

A small day at Unstad back in April. Checkout this video for some better conditions. About makes me want to make the effort to get my board all the way up there…

Santa Barbara Triathlon 2007

Saturday could not have been a better day for the Santa Barbara Triathlon. I had been expecting a continuation of the fog and gloom that has seemed to be ever present this summer but was surprised to see clear skies as I walked to my truck at 6:15am. My cousin was competing for her first […]

Fiesta Santa Barbara 2007

Took a quick stroll down to the fiesta parade to check things out and take a few pics. The light had a weird color due to the Zaca fire and it was literally ‘raining ash.’

Zaca Fire

Heavy smoke has been drifting over town for the last few days, and in combination with the full moon, I decided to see if I could get a good view of the fire from up on West Camino Cielo.