Lake Wanaka as seen from near the summit of Roy’s Peak. It was a cold and wet spring day when my buddy Mikkel and I decided to hike to the top, with the hope that the rain would hold for a little while longer. Nearly to the top, a gentle snow began to fall. One of those snows where it seems that the world almost becomes silent, and everything is still, except for the light flakes landing across your face. Unfortunately, the snow turned to rain once we descended in elevation, good thing Wanaka suffers no shortage of pubs for a warm meal and a pint or two.

Cody Duncan Stock Photo: Panoramic landscape photograph of Lake Wanaka, New Zealand. © Cody Duncan Photography

My first trip to Wanaka would be a short one of a few day, but it became one of those places that I would return to again and again. In the Autumn, I spent several amazing weeks climbing here with a good group of people. The days were often crisp and clear with clouds coming during the night. Each morning the peaks would have a little dusting of snow, getting lower and lower as the days carried on. All around we were surrounded by the beautiful golden colors and light of the Autumn; endless days climbing under the southern sun. I stayed as long as I could, but not long enough, now that I look back on it…

Cody Duncan Stock Photo: Rock Climbing in Wanaka, New Zealand.  © Cody Duncan Photography

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