Alabama Hills

The Alabama hills are a frequent stop during my climbing trips to the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, making a good place to camp if I get a late start leaving town, as well as a bit of climbing if my hands are in shape for the glass like granite. And as a location for sunrise, I can’t complain about rolling out of the back of my truck and only having to walk a few feet, allows me to indulge in a bit of laziness from time to time, or at least a slightly later start to the day.

So on my recent California trip, it worked out that we ended up spending three nights here before heading further north. All the better since it had been almost exactly two years since my last visit.







Death Valley

For some reason I have never spent much time in death valley. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that it’s bloody hot most of the year, or perhaps due to the fact that I’m not all that fond of sand + camera. But it is an amazingly beautiful place with so many cool areas to explore so hopefully I can go back again in the not too distant future.

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death valley

death valley

sand dune, death valley

sand dune, death valley

sand dune, death valley

sand dune, death valley

sand dune, death valley

Mount Cook

Mt. Cook rises like a giant over the surrounding landscape. The Maori name – Aoraki – quite appropriately translates to “Cloud Piercer.” Of all the peaks I have seen in my days, I still consider this one of the most beautiful.

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mount cook


The Captain

El Capitan, one beautiful piece of rock.

El Capitan Panoramic

East and West

A few more pics before I take off tomorrow morning. My brain is a bit fried from trying to figure out a bunch of CSS coding, but I think I finally got the hang of things.

Mono Lake at Dawn: 3 shot pano: click to view larger


Elk: Prairie Redwoods State Park


California Roadtrip

Been on the road the last two weeks. This weekend I have for a bit of rest and then packing for another 2 week trip I leave for early on Monday. A few pics for now, more coming later this month…

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Death Valley stock photography: Panoramic of Sand dune, Stovepipe wells.  © Cody Duncan Photography

Cody Duncan stock photography: Female mountaineer climbing in Sierra Nevada Mountains, California.  © Cody Duncan Photography

Cody Duncan stock photography: Night panoramic of Sierra Nevada Mountains, California.  © Cody Duncan Photography


Lake Wanaka as seen from near the summit of Roy’s Peak. It was a cold and wet spring day when my buddy Mikkel and I decided to hike to the top, with the hope that the rain would hold for a little while longer. Nearly to the top, a gentle snow began to fall. One of those snows where it seems that the world almost becomes silent, and everything is still, except for the light flakes landing across your face. Unfortunately, the snow turned to rain once we descended in elevation, good thing Wanaka suffers no shortage of pubs for a warm meal and a pint or two.

Cody Duncan Stock Photo: Panoramic landscape photograph of Lake Wanaka, New Zealand. © Cody Duncan Photography

My first trip to Wanaka would be a short one of a few day, but it became one of those places that I would return to again and again. In the Autumn, I spent several amazing weeks climbing here with a good group of people. The days were often crisp and clear with clouds coming during the night. Each morning the peaks would have a little dusting of snow, getting lower and lower as the days carried on. All around we were surrounded by the beautiful golden colors and light of the Autumn; endless days climbing under the southern sun. I stayed as long as I could, but not long enough, now that I look back on it…

Cody Duncan Stock Photo: Rock Climbing in Wanaka, New Zealand.  © Cody Duncan Photography

Oh Mt. Cook, Where art thee?

My sunset at Lake Matheson, said to be one of the most photographed spots in New Zealand. If one is lucky, The magnificent Mt. Cook will be seen rising in the distance. But as the Southern Alps are basically a 12,000 foot wall rising only a few short miles from the coast, they serve as a barrier to all that weather that comes ripping out of the Tasman sea. Thus it is rainy more often than not. Still beyond beautiful none the less…

New Zealand Stock landscape Photo: reflection in Lake Matheson, New Zealand.  © Cody Duncan photography

Cape Reinga

Took this 10 shot pano nearly 2 years ago, just got around to stitching it together.

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New Zealand travel stock photo: Panoramic Photograph of Cape Reinga, New Zealand. © Cody Duncan photography


There is nothing more spectacular than a wall of snow covered peaks rising from the sea. I have been haunted by the Lofoten since I first saw them 6 years ago, twice I have returned, but I fear that shall not be enough…

Norway Stock Photo: Panoramic photograph of Lofoten Islands in Storm.  © Cody Duncan Photography