Lofoten Islands – Germany – Kungsleden Trail – 2012 Europe Travel Plans

Summer twilight over mountains of Lofoten islands, Stamsund, Norway

Photo: Twilight over Lofoten Islands, Stamsund, Norway.  July 2010

I’ve finally finalized my travel plans for Europe for late summer and autumn.

First stop: Lofoten Islands.  I fly north of the arctic circle to Bodø, Norway on August 20th.  From Bodø I’ll catch the late night ferry to Moskenes, arriving to Lofoten in the early morning of the 21st for a 2 week trip to the islands.  I’m traveling a bit later than I had originally planned, but the summer has been pretty cold and wet so far, so I don’t think I’ve really been missing much.  Hopefully I’ll get a few days of decent weather so I can get up a few mountains and maybe a few nights camping on the coast.

In early September I leave Lofoten for a quick trip down to Germany to see a few bands play at the Festival-Mediaval in the small town of Selb, in northern Bavaria.  I was there in 2010 and had a good time.  I can already taste the Flamkuchen and Käsespätzle.  Should be good fun.

Next I’m flying back north of the arctic circle to Kiruna, Sweden for my second journey along the northern section of the Kungsleden trail.  Lasts there three years ago in 2009, I’m looking forward to another week wandering among the rugged mountains of the Swedish arctic.  Hopefully the weather is a bit warmer than my last trip; fingers crossed.  I was originally thinking of heading into Sarek national park, but I’m going to be a bit short on time, so that will have to wait till another year.

After a week or so on the Kungsleden, I’ll head back over to the Lofoten Islands for another 2 weeks to photograph the autumn color; again, weather dependent.

By mid October I’ll be looking to head south again.  Here things aren’t so planned out.  I love Stockholm in the autumn, so might head back there for a few days.  I also have Gotland on my mind as well.  I almost went there way back in 2001, so maybe it’s finally time.  Otherwise, and if the weather is cooperating, I might spend a week or so in the western fjords region of Norway, trying to get a bit more autumn color.  As usual, the best plan is no plan.  Will have to wait and see how the weather looks once the time gets a bit closer.

All and all, I’m excited.  I think it’s a bit strange for me always to head north during the time all the birds are heading south to warmer climes.  But ehh, bad weather makes good photos …sometimes.  Mostly it’s just bad weather and I get to complain about how much I don’t like the rain.

In the next weeks I’ll make a few post about the gear I’m taking.  I’ve changed things up a bit in the last year and will try a few new things all in the hopes of shedding a few more grams from my backpack weight.

Faun Festival Mediaval Germany

Photo: Faun live at Festival-Mediaval, Selb, Germany.  September 2010


Kungsleden trail, Lapland, Sweden

Photo: River flows through mountain valley, Kungsleden trail, Sweden.  September 2009


Dramatic light over mountains and coast, Maervoll, Lofoten islands, Norway

Photo: Stormy light, Maervoll, Lofoten Islands, Norway.  Octover 2011

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  1. martin says:

    glad to hear youre going back for a bit of hiking on the kungsleden in fall. for many years now i wanted to fly up north, to do some hiking for a week or two, but no one ever wanted to share that experience. my friends, as probably people in general, tend to go south in summer, as you say for the birds. your pictures and impressions from autumn 2009 finally did the job: they helped to advance that annual mode. i decided to do it alone, booked a flight and now i´m looking forward to a week at the kungsleden in mid-september. would be fun to stumble over you. and thx for your pictures.

  2. Cody says:

    Hey Martin. Congrats on making the decision to go, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. And there will be others around anyhow, so you wont really be alone…

    I’ll start hiking from Nikaluokta on Sept 12th – ending in Abisko around Sept 21-22. I’ll probably be the only American out there, so if you run into me, say hi!

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