Yttersand – Lofoten Islands


yttersand lofoten islands norway

Photo: Yttersand, Lofoten Islands, Norway. Oct. 2011

Despite appearances of a pleasant sunny day, it was raining 6 minutes after I too this image.

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  1. wayne says:

    you’ve whet my appetite to visit another spot this October…! Combining 2 weeks in Lofoten with a couples of days in Abisko, Sweden at the end. thxs for the photos.

  2. Cody says:

    Hey Wayne,

    Depending on how the autumn develops, it might be better to go to Abisko first and Lofoten Second. Reasoning being that Abisko will be colder, sooner, so if there is any autumn color it will disappear from Abisko first. So hopefully you could catch autumn at both locations. That being said, the color could already be gone from Abisko by that time, then Lofoten first would be best. …If that doesn’t sound a bit confusing.

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