Church ruin, Kilmuir, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Church ruin, Kilmuir, Isle of Skye, Scotland.

I’ve no idea of the history of this ruin.  Though by the looks and condition of it, I wouldn’t imagine it to be more than 200 or so years old, which is relatively new by Skye standards. It’s a big structure, offset from the ‘highway’ by about a half mile or so.  Perhaps it simply fell out of use with time and population decline.  Now only sheep and cows walk among the walls, and American photographers.

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  1. Hector MacKenzie says:

    Cody, thanks for posting this marvelous photograph. This was the old established church built on the common grazing land here in Borneskitaig, Kilmuir in 1810. It is thought to have accommodated as many as 800 people. My forebears worshipped here and indeed the iron fence is now round my great-grandfather’s house. There was a lean to structure to the rear for the minister’s horse to shelter in winter. In Gaelic the building is known as Eaglais on Druim Bhuidhe (The Church on the Yellow Ridge). In springtime this ridge was renowned for fantastic amounts of primroses. Following the union of the Established Church (of Scotland) and the majority of the United Free Church Congregations in 1929, this building was no longer required. A new building was built, which is still in use. The manse (minister’s house) was situated adjacent the cemetery. The ruin and the church proper was used as a marker for certain fishing banks by local fishermen. I hope this helps. With best wishes, Hector

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