Pano Stitching Gone Wrong

I make most my panoramic photos using photomerge in Photoshop.  Normally it works super good without any problems but sometimes I just have to sit there and scratch my head with what it outputs.  This first photo for example:  3 vertical images with a Nikon 85mm tilt-shift lens.  In other words, it should go together absolutely perfectly, without any distortion or misalignment anywhere.  What happened in photomerge?  A great mystery of life.  All I can think of is that the clouds may have given it some problems.  I just had to use the old fashioned way and combine it by hand.  No problem.

bad-stitch2 mountain-snow-pano

Interesting results on this second photo as well.  And again, it was simple enough to align and blend by hand for a perfect result.



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  1. Tony Middleton says:

    hi Cody,
    yeah it can spit out some strange results sometimes that is for sure ! I think it varies on which mode you set it at (ie cylindrical etc). I use PTGui a fair bit as well.


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