Jesusita Fire pics: Wednesday afternoon

Here’s a few more pics of the Jesusita fire from Wednesday afternoon while still at my brother’s house.  We had been evacauated on Tuesday afternoon, but managed to get back in on Wednesday to try and keep an eye on things.  By late afternoon, the fire was getting perilously close and most of the neighborhood had cleared out.   From or estimates looking at aerial photos and from driving around today, we estimate the fire got within about 200 meters.  The only traffic was from fire crews driving down Foothill road and police driving through the neighborhoods telling people to leave immediately.  The Mandatory evacuation zone had been moved down to State street, so we were well behind the lines.  The Temperature was somewhere near 100 degrees (37 C), as the “sundowner winds” were constantly changing directions, but mostly keeping the smoke just to the east of our location.  At times the sky was as black as night.

First few photos are with a 14mm lens.  It was that close…

First pic: Looking east.

jesusita fire santa barbara, California: Thick clouds of smoke and ash fill sky over neighborhood

Corner of Foothill and Calle Laureles, looking towards Mission Canyon

jesusita fire santa barbara, California: Dark smoke fill sky over Mission canyon as seen from Foothill

jesusita fire santa barbara, California: Fire engine drives down Foothill road towards Mission Canyon

Fire crews driving east along Foothill towards Mission Canyon

jesusita fire santa barbara, California: Fire crews drive down Foothill road towards Alamar in late afternoon on wednesday, May 6, 2009

jesusita fire santa barbara, California: helicopter flies against sky black with smoke

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  1. Tony Middleton says:

    A bit too close for comfort hey. The 14mm does a great job, though i think i like the last image of the chopper against the smoke the best. 🙂

  2. Capt Ramirez says:

    I am trying to get the times your photos were taken for training purposes. Can you please email me a phone number so I can talk with you?

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