Walberla in white

A couple panoramics from my wanderings to Walberla on Friday. I had hoped there would have been a bit more snow, but I seemed to forget that its the last hill before the ‘low’ areas around Forcheim, Erlangen and Nuremberg so it stays a bit warmer than here in the hills of the Oberpfalz. I also realized on Saturday, while heading to Sachsen for the weekend, that I could get to the mountains (big hills) of the Fichtelgebirge area as quickly as I can get to Walberla, so I’ll try and head there on my next little excursion.

First photo is that same tree from from back in October. Unfortunately, someone walked in the snow at the base of the tree (really, why would anyone walk there? Must of had a dog that wanted to take a piss or something) so I’ll have to go back again to get a better version. With more snow too!  Second pic is Saint Walpurga’s chapel (Walpurgiskapelle).

winter landscape stock photo: Panoramic landscape photo of snow covered oak tree, Walberla hill, Germany. Cody Duncan photography

German winter stock photo: Walpurgiskapelle, Saint Walpurga’s chapel, Walberla, Germany. Cody Duncan travel stock photography

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