Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Photoshelter Collection Closing

After less than one year in existence, PSC – Photoshelter Collection, is closing its doors on October 10th. It sounded like a good thing, a stock agency which gives 70% to its contributors and not the reverse, which is all to common today (even as low as 20% to the photographer in some places. An insult). But it would seem that they set sail with a poor wind and never gained enough momentum to make the numbers work.  At least they gave it a shot.

Unfortunately, I now have to think of all the hours I spent to upload and process the 1,300 images which I currently have represented with them.  But, thus is the business.  No different than traveling halfway around the world and having sucky weather the whole time you’re there.

Official Statement: HERE

Statement on the Blog: HERE

PSC - Photoshelter collection stock agency closing notice on front page

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