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Utakleiv Beach

Lofoten islands Norway travel photography: rocky beach at Utakleiv in storm

Utakleiv, Lofoten islands, Norway.


Vestfjord viewed from Stamsund, Lofoten islands, Norway

On a nicer day, the Norwegian mainland would be visible in the distance.  The Vestfjord as viewed from Stamsund, Lofoten islands, Norway.


Unstad beach, Lofoten islands, Norway: travel landsacpe photography

last light at Unstad, Lofoten islands, Norway.


Kungsleden trail, Sweden: Panoramic landscape photo from Tjaektja

Typical weather during my 10 days on the Kungsleden trail.  View from near Tjaektja hut, looking north up the Alisvaggi towards Alesjaure.

The landscape is totally amazing and beautiful, despite the weather.  Barren rugged mountains with rivers and waterfalls everywhere.  Most of the northern section of the trail is above the tree line.

(working on some small netbook, so not too sure about the color.  Hope its not too bad.)

Rialto Beach – Olympic national park

Travel landscape stock photography: Rialto Beach, Olympic national park, Washington

Travel landscape stock photography: Rialto Beach, Olympic national park, Washington

Rialto Beach, Olympic national park, Washington.

Netarts Bay, Oregon

Travel landscape stock photography: Netarts Bay and Cape Lookout state park, Oregon

Netarts Bay and Cape Lookout state park, Oregon

Heavy, drizzly clouds around 6am on the second morning of the trip.  Was amazingly quiet, only a few birds screeching in the distance.

Canada and Back

For the last 10 days I was away on a road trip up to Vancouver Island, Canada.  It doesn’t look so far on a map, but it took many long days of driving to get there and home again, plus a couple detours.  Most mornings began before 5am and didn’t end until late in the night.  Made it as far north as Tofino, Vancouver island before heading back.  Weather was hit and miss, zero rain though.  I seem to have been cursed by ‘hazy blue sky’ weather lately.  While it’s nice weather to travel and ‘do stuff’ in, it is probably about the worst I can think of photographically; I even prefer fog.  A couple good sunsets presented themselves anyhow and a I spent an amazingly warm and sunny day cruising around the streets of Victoria, quite a wonderful town – which means a lot from a person who generally dislikes cities.

Most of the trip was along the coast, covering the entire coasts of Oregon and Washington, but only the northern part of California.

Landscape travel stock photography: beach at sunset cove, Central Oregon coast.

Sunset Cove, Oregon.

Lofoten Coast

Stormy weather over rugged coastline, Vestvågøy, Lofoten Islands, Norway

Coastline near Stamsund, Vestvågøy on a rather cold and dreary evening.  Lofoten islands, Norway

11:56 pm – The Road Near Kvalnes

Lofoten islands Norway landscape photography: Reflection of clouds in water, Kvalnes

Three years ago out on the coast near Kvalnes. Unsuccessfully hunting the midnight sun with a German and two Norwegian’s.  We were a day or two too late in reality, had there been no clouds.  The cool thing about this time of year in the north: you can shoot sunset, sunrise, and then go to sleep for the night and not have to worry about setting your alarm.

Night Comes to Lofoten

Lofoten islands panoramic landscape stock photo: view of Austvågøya and Vestfjorden in winter

View from the top of Stamsundheia above Stamsund, Vestvågøya towards the village of Henningsvær and mountains of Austvågøya.  The mountain peak in the center of the photo is about 16km away.  The second set of mountains behind that are about 35km away.  The Furthest distant peaks are the Norwegain mainland (Hamarøy I think) about 65km away, sperated by the mighty Vestfjord.

The night arrives slowly this far north due to the low angle of the sun.  In the weeks prior the the nearly 2 month long “day” of the summer months, night never really properly arrives, just a few hours of twilight.  Though here in March the night eventually comes, delayed enough that one has enough time to walk off a mountain after sunset with relative good visibility.