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Hohenstein is the highest point in the area so I thought I would head there after wandering around in the snowy forest on Wednesday afternoon. Hiking through knee deep snow up the path to the castle the world became thoroughly cold and the sun vanished behind the clouds as the the next snow flurry settled in. I could see Auerbach off in the distance, nice and bright and sunny. Soon enough, but not after nicely frozen hands, the sun was back out again for a few fleeting moments before winter once again took over.

Panoramic stock photography: sunset on snowy winter landscape, Bavaria, Germany

Germany stock photography: Burg Hohenstein castle in winter, Mittelfranken - Bavaria, Germany

Snow flurries taking over the landscape again…
Panoramic stock photography: snowy winter landscape, Bavaria, Germany

Burg Hohenstein

Burg Hohenstein castle, Mittelfranken - franconia, Germany

Warm winter light on a cold winter day at Hohenstein a few weeks back.