New Website

My New Website is finished.  let me know if you run into any problems or something looks funny for some reason…


End of Year Update…

The last week has been busy, busy, busy trying to get everything organized.  Been working on a long overdue website update, should be online tomorrow (fingers crossed).  And for the bigger plans, I’m heading back to Europe until Jan next year.

Monday I fly to Stockholm then travel the next day up to Abisko (up in the arctic circle) to hike the Kungsleden trail – 270 miles/440km.  Should be an adventure this late in the year.  Hope I don’t get caught out in a bad snowstorm – the temps are barely holding about above freezing during the night at this point.  Should take me about 3 weeks or so, depending on if I make any side excursions to climb some mountains or not.

In lake October I’ll catch a flight from Stockholm over to the UK.  First stop will be Wales and then up to Scotland for a couple months (not the best time of the year, but at least there are no midges in Nov/Dec).  Towards the end of December I’ll fly to Norway and up to the Lofoten Islands to experience the ‘polar night.’  Then at the end of Jan and after many days of cold, back to sunny California.

The Blog here will probably be on the quite side for a while, but I’ll try and put in a word or post a quick pic when I can.


Back home in sunny foggy Santa Barbara now.  Arrived around midnight Tuesday night after an uneventful, but long day of travel.  For some reason while flying, I always get stuck next to the person with some awful cough.  The 11 hour flight from Munich to San Francisco was no different, with the guy sitting across the isle from me with a horrible cough at a regular 2-3 minute interval.   Anyone have any suggestions on what strange disease I should go get tested for?

Flew into San Franscisco International airport, which I greatly prefer to the mess of chaos and disorder which they call LAX (Los Angeles International), especially when flying in from abroad.  Arriving around 7:00pm, the airport was a near ghost town.  No lines for Immigration/Passport control, customs, baggage transfer, or security screening.  Actually seemed more like some small regional airport it was so empty.  I then had about 3 hours of boredom till the quick hop down to SB.