2011 San Felipe Baja 250 Photos

motorcycle rider gloves

I’ve put up a few photos from the San Felipe Baja 250 in my archive.  There aren’t too many from this year – well, there’s more, but they’re mainly behind the scenes stuff from the team I was chasing with, so not really interesting as a whole.  Might put them online at some point in the future if I have the time/motivation.

CLICK HERE for 2011 San Felipe Baja 250 gallery


san simeon pier

Photo: Sunset over San Simeon Pier, California. February 5, 2011

I’ve been back in California for two weeks now, trying to get adjusted to life back over here.  I’ve been pretty busy with several photo shoot in the last week, but they are for other things not related to travel or landscape photography, that’s why it will be a bit quite here for a little bit more.

The weather here in Santa Barbara has been amazing.  After so many months in the UK, I had almost forgotten what a nice sunny day was.  And to be able to go outside in a t-shirt, I don’t think I’d done that since last August!  I’ve always said that the winters in California are often better than the summers.  Or to put it more specifically, there’s no fog in winter, so the average day is often better.  Now I just have to avoid getting too sunburt.

Over the past weekend, I did take one short trip up to San Simeon to photograph the northern elephant seals on the beach up there.  Got some pretty good photos which I’ll post sometime soon.

Trying to put together a more regular travel schedule for the next few months, with the hopes of spending at least 1 week per month out shooting.  Next week I’m off to Death Valley.  March will find me down in San Felipe, Mexico for the Baja 250, then again out in Death Valley and perhaps Mojave national preserve as I really like the Kelso dunes and I need to explore that area a bit more.  I’m also trying to put a trip together to go out the the Channel Islands off the coast here.  I’ve looked at them across the sea most of my life, yet have never been there.  A bit pathetic I think!

Scottish Western Isles Gallery

Luskentyre beach, Isle of harris, Scotland

Photo: Last light over Luskentyre Beach, Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Western Isles, Scotland photography gallery: CLICK HERE

I’ve added about 100 new images to my Western Isles gallery.  The Photos are from my most recent trip from December 30th 2010 – January 8th 2011.  Islands covered are North Uist, South, Uist, Berneray, Isle of Harris, and Isle of Lewis.  I’ve also added a few photo’s from the Isle of Skye, even though it’s not technically part of the Western Isles.

butt of lewis coast

Photo: Rugged coastline at Butt of Lewis, northern most point on the Outer Hebrides, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Maen Llia

Maen Llia standing stone, Brecon Beacons national park, Wales

Photo: Maen Llia standing stone, Brecon Beacons national park, Wales

It’s been on my mind lately to try and make some portrait style photos of some of the standing stones in the Brecon Beacons region.  Last night was my first attempt at this, using a single Nikon SB-800 as an off camera flash and the gigantic Maen Llia stone as my model.  Unfortunately, and what seems to be my luck these last few months, it started raining after about 10 minutes, before the sky was dark enough to really create the photos that I wanted.    Hopefully I can make it back again in the next few weeks and have another try.

Also, if you read my blog by RSS feed, stop by and have a look.  I’ve made a few changes, the biggest of which will be larger images, now up to 950px wide.  Though if your monitor resolution is less than 1200px, it might look a bit funny, sorry…

Maen Llia standing stone, Brecon Beacons national park, Wales

68 North Website update

lofoten islands landscape photography

Photo:  Mountain peak rises from sea, Stamsund, Lofoten islands, Norway

I’ve added a new photo gallery to 68north.com of my Lofoten photos from July/August.  CLICK HERE

68 North | Lofoten Islands Photography

Lofoten islands Norway photography - Unstad

68 North | Lofoten Islands Travel and Landscape Photography

I’ve been working for the last couple weeks on a new website for my photos from the Lofoten Islands, Norway.  I wanted a place where I could show more photos, as much of my recent work has been from the islands, but I didn’t want to completely take over my main website.  So…  I came up with 68north.com for this new project.

I’ll be traveling up to Lofoten in July, so I should update the site soon after that with more new work.

Back In California

Arrived back home to Santa Barbara last night after a long day of travel from Stockholm.  Even though the weather is quite stormy here with heavy rains forecast, the temperature is quite warm after 4 months of northern Europe winter – September 17th was the first day I got snowed on.

The Blog will be back on track now with regular updated and photos from the trip as I get them processed.

The Road So Far

Arrived in Stockholm on the 15th of September and then flew north to Kiruna the and onward to Abisko the next day.  Spent 10 days of mostly rain and snow hiking the northern section of the Kungsleden trail – too late in season to complete whole trail, have to wait until next time.  Next headed to Stamsund in the Lofoten Islands, Norway for a couple weeks of hanging out before heading down the Norwegian coast to Trondheim and across into Sweden.  Walked nearly 20km down a snowy road trying to hitchhike, but it didn’t go so well.  Finally caught a short ride in the late afternoon and ended up camping  in the forest on the edge of some town.  temps dropped to maybe minus 10-12 at night, not so fun in my 0 degree sleeping bag; got up at 6am and thawed out in the train station waiting room for a few hours.  Next spent a few days wandering the streets of Stockholm before flying to London and taking trains and buses to my current location: Hay-on-Wye, Wales – the “town of books.”

Raining today, so getting some needed computer work done…

New Website

My New Website is finished.  let me know if you run into any problems or something looks funny for some reason…


End of Year Update…

The last week has been busy, busy, busy trying to get everything organized.  Been working on a long overdue website update, should be online tomorrow (fingers crossed).  And for the bigger plans, I’m heading back to Europe until Jan next year.

Monday I fly to Stockholm then travel the next day up to Abisko (up in the arctic circle) to hike the Kungsleden trail – 270 miles/440km.  Should be an adventure this late in the year.  Hope I don’t get caught out in a bad snowstorm – the temps are barely holding about above freezing during the night at this point.  Should take me about 3 weeks or so, depending on if I make any side excursions to climb some mountains or not.

In lake October I’ll catch a flight from Stockholm over to the UK.  First stop will be Wales and then up to Scotland for a couple months (not the best time of the year, but at least there are no midges in Nov/Dec).  Towards the end of December I’ll fly to Norway and up to the Lofoten Islands to experience the ‘polar night.’  Then at the end of Jan and after many days of cold, back to sunny California.

The Blog here will probably be on the quite side for a while, but I’ll try and put in a word or post a quick pic when I can.