up to the north

Monday afternoon, April 16th: I’m walking out the door – my jacket and backpack full of camera gear already on – to go shoot some photos of the fields of flowers in the area. By chance, I glance at my plane tickets to Norway which were sitting on the table by the door and notice the date is for the 17th. 17th, 17th, 17th, hmmm, I thought. Shit! Todays the 16th, I leave tomorrow, not Wednesday, I realize in a sudden panic.

Tuesday, April 17th, Aprox 1:00pm: The flight left Munich on time, despite having a 5 hour layover in Oslo, I had still been worried about missing my connection (I haven’t had the best of luck with flights being on-time in the last year, in fact, I’ve come to expect that they will be delayed.). But now I’m planning on what to do with 5 hours in Oslo as I’m watching the beautiful colors of the German spring pass beneath me as we are slowly gaining altitude. Suddenly after around 20 minutes in the air, the plane suddenly makes a quick decent and we enter into a sharp turn towards the south. Hmmm, this doesn’t seem too good. A few minutes later the pilot comes on and says there is a ‘Technical Problem’ and we must now return to Munich. Well, I still have 5 hours in Olso, no problem. Well, the airplane cracked a windshield, which took 5 hours to repair, I arrive in Oslo as my flight I’m supposed to catch to Bodø is taking off. Luckily the airline was nice enough to put me on a later flight from another airline (as this was their last flight of the day), and once again I find myself walking out of the Bodø airport around midnight, looking forward to a night on the floor in the ferry terminal (which I’m now quite familiar with). At least its warm, which is more that can be said about the snowstorm outside.

Only a few pics for now:

lofoten norway

lofoten norway

lofoten norway

dead whale lofoten norway

drying cod stockfish lofoten norway

Reflections on Norway

Reflection of beam of sunlight in Nordfjord, Norway. © Cody Duncan Photography

Car driving through Norwegian mountains. © Cody Duncan Photography

Reflection of small boat in Norwegian Fjord. © Cody Duncan Photography

Twisting road at the Trollstigen, Norway. © Cody Duncan Photography

Scenic mountain reflection in lake, Norway. © Cody Duncan Photography

MSR Hubba tent at campsite above lake in Jotunheimen national park, Norway. © Cody Duncan Photography

Bog cotton in mountains of Jotunheimen national park, Norway.  © Cody Duncan Photography

reflection of mountains and village of Reine in lofoten Islands, Norway.  © Cody Duncan Photography

Group of people waiting to view the midnight sun along coast in Lofoten Islands, Norway. © Cody Duncan Photography


I haven’t had any chance to work on images. I just found a wireless connection at the library here in Bergen. In 2 hours I’ll be on the Ferry to Shetland (Scotland). Two days ago I hitchhiked here from Trondheim, 700+km. Two days on the road.
A few quick pics of Norway for the meantime…

Gjendebu, Jotunheimen national park, Norway. © Cody Duncan Photography

Reflection in Næroyfjord near Gudvangen, Norway. © Cody Duncan Photography

Dramatic storm clouds over Lofoten Islands, Norway. © Cody Duncan Photography