Lofoten Photography Workshop - Arctic Solstice 2016

Lofoten Photography Workshop – Arctic Solstice – June 2016

Lofoten Photography Workshop - Arctic Solstice 2016


June 18 – 24, 2016

Summer is when the Lofoten Islands are most alive. So I invite you to join me and experience the magic of the midnight sun while exploring some of Lofoten’s most iconic mountain views. We will hike through flower filled meadows on our way to views of white sand beaches and azure waters – so inviting that the bravest of you might even attempt a swim!

We will become nocturnal on this workshop and time will cease to be of much importance. Our goal is to hike to scenic mountain views and photograph the hours-long sunset to sunrise which occurs around midnight. And when our legs are tired, we might pick up a grill and spend an evening around a bbq and campfire with our cameras shooting time-lapses down by the sea.

This is a photography workshop about experiencing the best of Lofoten’s outdoors.

More info and booking | Arctic Solstice

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