Gamla Stan - old town at night, Stockholm, Sweden

Photo: Evening in the Old Town – Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden.  Oct 2011

I’m in one of my favorite cities in Europe, Stockholm, for the weekend.  On Tuesday, I’ll be heading back to California.

I mentioned a week or so ago that I changed up my travel plans.  Originally I had planned on returning to Wales today and then flying back to California at the end of March.  At which point I would remain somewhat indefinitely depending on the condition of my bank account and if I could find some work.  But, I’ve had the opportunity to switch things up a bit which will put me back in Europe at the end of April to meet with some fellow photographers up on the Lofoten Islands.  Then in all likely hood, I’ll end up in Poland for a few weeks in May to meet some friends and maybe do some hiking in the Tatra mountains.  After that, I’ll be back home in California again in June.

It would have been easier if I flew out of Oslo, but I don’t really like the city too much and feel more comfortable in Stockholm for a few days.  Also, I had wanted to spend a few days here last Autumn but never managed to make it.  So, for now, I’ll enjoy a few days in Stockholm before 24 hours of airports and airplanes…

Cafe lined Stortorget at night, Gamla Stan - Old Town, Stockholm, Sweden

Photo: Evening at Stortorget, Gamla Stan – Old Town, Stockholm, Sweden.  Oct 2011

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