Overlooking the Danube river, Budapest, Hungary

Photo: Parliament building, Budapest, Hungary.  January 2007

I’m in Budapest for the week.  Was last here over the New Year of ’06/’07.  Not sure what to expect, but I’ll probably end up doing my normal wandering around the city all day looking for photos.  Hopefully I at least end up with a few better photos than last time.

From Budapest I head to Vienna, and then onwards to a rather busy social schedule that will see me crisscrossing Germany from south to north and east to west and east again.  Better pickup a good book for all time time I’ll be spending on trains…


Photo: Budapest.  December 2006

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  1. Cody says:


    both the above photos are from 2006, my last visit. Been out and about shooting a bit though. I can definitely notice that the city has undergone some ‘cleaning up’ since I was last here, but it could have also been due to the time of year. Haven’t been to a ruin pub yet, but it’s Friday…

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