Leaving Lofoten

utakleiv lofoten islands camping campfire

Photo: Campfire at Utakleiv beach, Lofoten Islands, Norway.  August 2012

If there was any chance the islands were trying to hold onto summer, it’s now gone with the first autumn storm of the season spreading across Norway.  This morning I was still planning on taking the Hurtigruten ferry from here in Stamsund to Bodø tonight.  But as the hours passed, the weather worsened; with near gale force wind forecast for later this evening.  I called the Hurtigruten and they were not sure if they would be able to make it into port in Stamsund tonight, and with a 7 am flight to Germany tomorrow, I decided to play it safe and book a flight from Leknes.  It also means I’ll arrive not too late and thanks to the hospitality of some friends in Bodø, I’ll actually have a place to sleep instead of a few hours on the floor of the ferry building.

Over the last two weeks I think I’ve had a few more good days that I was expecting and I managed to visit and get some decent photos of most of the places I was wanting to.  A few more hikes will have to wait until I return in a few more weeks.  Looking back, it seems to have been a pretty cold and stormy summer overall here on Lofoten, without any long periods of stable weather.  In the last week, the trees have definitely begun showing colors of autumn.  Hopefully the color waits for me to return in roughly 3 weeks.

For the next week I’ll be in Germany and then it”s back north of the arctic circle for 10 days on the Kungsleden trail in Sweden.

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