Lofoten Islands – Winter

Lofoten islands winter hiking

Photo: Self portrait hiking on Stamsundsheia, Lofoten Islands, Norway.  March 2009

I should be somewhere on the Lofoten Islands about now.  Hopefully conditions are good and I can head up into the hills.  I’ve been paying close attention to the current weather conditions and forecast over the last weeks.  Other than a few cold spells here and there, the conditions are quite mild for this time of year and webcams show quite a high snow line at many places.  The longterm forecast shows things cooling to around -5˚ C by Friday, so hopefully that will bring some fresh snow cover.  Otherwise, I’ll probably just end up taking stockfish photos the whole time, which isn’t necessarily bad.  But with 2 weeks on the islands I’m sure I’ll see a fair amount of snow at some point.  And hopefully I wont get my car stuck as often as last time.  In fact, the fist thing I might do is go buy a shovel and a bag of grit.

If by rare chance anyone is interested updates on how the trip is going, you can follow me HERE on Twitter.  I’ll probably just be complaining about bad weather and cold the whole time – so it wont be anything too interesting…

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  1. Xingyuan Wang says:

    Hey Cody! Awesome that you’re making it up there again… looking forward to the photos. I’d also love to hear about the winter experience up there… where you’re staying, how you’re cooking. My mind thinks only in terms of hotels and restaurants and clear roads, so any insight you have will be a nice departure from normalcy!

    Regarding photos… was the photo of this post just before sunrise? I’ve been wanting to get a photo like this (blue sky, lit snow, warm color temp), but I was never sure where I needed to be for all three to come together.

  2. Cody says:

    Hey Xingyuan,

    I’ll write a few posts about the trip over the next few weeks. Though for a preview, my food was manly (stale) bread and butter and I slept in the car all but two nights (and that was really only because I needed power to charge my camera batteries).

    Photo is at sunset. The light is often like that in winter when clear. Though clear conditions are the difficult part.

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