Back From Lofoten

Lofoten islands winter ice, Norway

Photo: Winter Ice, Lofoten Islands, Norway. Feb 2012

I was fading in and out of sleep as the car made it’s way through the winding roads of the Welsh Marches just before midnight last night (no, I wasn’t driving).  24+ hours of travel had taken the last energy I had.  This trip was exhausting, more so that any other time I’ve been there before.  The weather was chaotic, to put it nicely.  I was often cold, sleeping in my car and rocked by gales as if it were a boat at sea.  Rain.  More rain than snow.  Dark days and darker nights.  Endless winds.

I started the trip with a few visualizations of images I wanted; nice snowy mountain landscapes and seascapes with pastel pink and blue skies. None of these really appeared.  I hardly even took out the camera at my old favorite locations and found myself being forced to look at the islands almost completely anew.  I’ve only barely put the images on the computer now, but I think I managed fairly well all in all.  I’ll see more as I get to editing over the next weeks…

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  1. Søren says:

    Good to hear you got back in one piece. Looking forward to your version of “fairly well”, Carolina is right, all things considered you’re probably being overly modest. 🙂

    p.s.: nice ice!

  2. Xingyuan Wang says:

    Love reading about the adventure… I was fairly well-kept when I did my trip, and I’m curious if I’d be able to survive on my own in the harshness of winter.

    Awesome teaser photos so far… looking forward to the rest!

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