Bandon Beach – Oregon

Bandon Beach, Oregon

Photo: Outgoing tide at dawn, Bandon Beach, Oregon.

Tuesday morning.  My alarm goes off a little after 5 am.  I murmur a small curse and then lay my head back on the pillow, contemplating whether to get up or not.  I haven’t yet made the decision to go home or not, but checking my route the evening before, I had 830 miles to go.  I figure a bit more sleep could be useful if I’m trying to go that far in one day.  Then I come to my senses: don’t be lazy Cody!  This is what you are here for.

The one benefit of sleeping in the back of my truck is at least I don’t have any sort of camp to take down.  From the alarm going off to heading out of the campground can usually be accomplished in only a couple minutes.  And so I was on the road, for the 30 minute drive to Bandon.

I’ve passed through Bandon a few times over the years, but never at any time or under any conditions for decent photos.  I remember it as a cool looking place, often with crashing waves and an endless assault of lens covering sea mist sweeping across the beach.  As I arrived in the predawn of tuesday things seemed calm and the intermittent blasting of the fog horn was the only disturbance to the peace.  The sky was somewhat overcast but as time passed the clouds began to clear until finally a pink glow filled the sky out over the sea.  I also got lucky with a low tide and a footprint-less beach.

14 hours later, I was back in Santa Barbara. Exhausted, but glad I didn’t sleep in.


Bandon Beach, Oregon

Photo: Pink glow at sunrise, Bandon beach, Oregon.

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  1. Inna says:

    Hi, Cody! I love the images you captured, and would love to see this post featured in the blog section of the Bandon page on Dwellable. If you’re interested, please shoot me a message [inna at dwellable dot com] or go ahead and check out the page and click the “Add your post to this page” text for more info. Thanks! 🙂

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