Summer day, Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite national park, California

It’s kind of sad to think that after today the days are getting shorter again.  Though here in Santa Barbara at 33˚ N latitude, we don’t really get long summer days anyhow.  Nothing cool like walking along the beach at 10pm and watching the sun sink into the North Sea from and Ostfriesland island.  Or the simply endless days of the arctic.  Here, summer generally means less sleep.  I need to set my alarm for all too early in the morning, and need to stay up far too late in the evening.

At the beginning of the year, it had been my plan have been living on the Lofoten islands right now.  I wanted to start a book project today of 1 photo a day for an entire year, showing the dramatic transition of light and dark that occurs every year.  I still have hopes of getting back to Lofoten before the end of the year, but things are still up in the air.  It was probably too ambitious of an idea anyways, and would have stretched my creativity to the limit while trying to produce a unique image after the 3rd straight week of rain.  I might try and complete a more scaled back version of the idea, focusing more on the seasonal changes of the islands.  But it all really depends on if someone at the Norwegian embassy believes in me enough to grant me a work visa, or if they just consider me some lazy dreamer.  I’m also getting the feeling that I need to call myself an artist rather than photographer.  People seem to get more street cred as an ‘artist’ for some reason.

I’m heading up to Tuolumne over the weekend for a short family trip.  Will have to miss the Santa Barbara solstice parade unfortunately, which is about the only interesting thing us Californians do for midsummer, as opposed to the cool festivals/bonfires all over Europe.  The photo above is from a couple years ago, of a nice and green (and mosquito filled) Tuolumne meadows.  This year I should return with a more wintery collection of images.  The pass just opened last weekend, so winter still hasn’t quite heard the news, it’s summer now!

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