10 years

Lofoten islands, Norway

Photo: Boats at rest in Ågvatnet, Å I Lofoten, Norway.  2001

I know the above photo kind of sucks.  I shot it 10 years ago within a couple hours of stepping foot on Lofoten for the first time.  It’s taken with an old Nikon FE and a crappy 35-105mm lens on Fuji Provia 100, hand held sometime shortly before midnight.  I made a print of it, where it hung on my wall for 5 years before I was able to return again.  Over the years I’ve tried to take a ‘better’ version of this photo, but I’ve never encountered proper conditions.  Despite all its faults, it’s still one of my favorites.  I can remember those moments with stunning clarity; it was the point where I knew I had ended up someplace special.  With luck and hard work, Lofoten will be my home by the end of the year.  Something I’ve dreamed about all those years, yet never managed to make much progress towards.  Maybe I just needed to get a little older.


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  1. Søren says:

    I still remember being 8 years old and reading about the isles for the first time in a children’s book, a fairytale about a pixie being kidnapped by an eagle and abducted to his harsh and inaccesible home – Lofoten.

    I dreamed about visiting those forbidding places for the following 19 years.

    And I still remember the joy and excitement I felt when I saw the peaks appear out of the mist on my first crossing from Bodø.

    What a place. What a journey.

    Cheers to many happy returns!

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