Return To The Western Isles

South Uist Beach

Photo: Beach near Howmore, South Uist, Scotland

Over the New Year I Journeyed north once again to the Western Isles of Scotland, one final trip before heading back to California in a few short weeks.  Haunted by rain, chased by snow, at battle with the wind.  These are my favorite conditions; the weather of winter in the north.

Standing on barren coastlines, only a few feet away from crashing waves.  Alone on vast beaches watching the next snow flurry blow in, shooting away in that last minute of calm before the wind hits.  Waiting for those brief moments of sun, before it’s hidden behind clouds again.  The days I live for.

Overall the trip went quite well, with better conditions (and by that I mean worse for most normal people) than my previous trip in October.  The first few days on Berneray, North Uist and South Uist were mostly misty and dull.  But once reaching Harris and Lewis, the storms arrived with a fury.  Like my times in Lofoten, nearly every photo shoot ended because the next wave of rain/snow came sweeping in.  I’ve gotten pretty good with my timings and can push things to the last minute.  Though this usually means a wet walk back to the car to dry off and repeat again at the next location.  Still better than getting a sunburn on some tropical beach or eaten by bugs in a jungle.

Butt of Lewis lighthouse, Scotland

Photo: Butt of Lewis lighthouse, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Waves crash over rocky shore at Elgol, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Photo: Waves crash along shore at Elgol, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Butt of Lewis, Scotland

Photo: Next stop Iceland, Butt of Lewis, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

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