Photogallery | Lofoten Islands Summer

Lofoten islands landscape

Photo: 2 minute exposure of summer twilight over Lofoten islands

Lofoten Islands Summer Photo Gallery: CLICK HERE

Here’s a gallery of photos from my most recent Lofoten trip in July/August.  I’m still processing through everything, with only about 100 online at the moment.  More will continue to be added during the next weeks.

Despite the fact that by all accounts this summer has been colder and wetter than average, the trip as a whole was more productive than I was expecting.  Good luck and accurate weather forecasts several days out allowed me to plan and arrive in locations in advance of the short moments of good weather, which never lasts long in the arctic.  Any trip to Lofoten will always included days and days of waiting out rain, but when the sun shines, it’s worth it…

My Lofoten islands website: 68 North will also have a new gallery for summer added shortly.

Utakleiv beach Lofoten islands

Photo: Utakleiv beach. 20 second daylight exposure with 10 stop neutral density filter

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  1. Tim Halberg says:

    I love spaces where you see so much depth, and everything looks softer and softer the farther away it is, I just need to get off my butt and actually photograph it someday as you did!!!

    Get back to SB so we can have a drink man!

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