To Lofoten

Bodo Moskenes lofoten islands ferry, Norway

If I timed this post properly, it should be 4:30 AM (Norwegian time) Wednesday morning and I’ll just be getting off the ferry in Moskenes after over 24 hours of straight travel.  Hopefully it wont be raining and hopefully the 3 hour crossing will have been a bit calmer than the above photo, which was not a very fun ride.  Time to go find a nice flat spot to pitch my tent for a couple hours.  Next is the walk to Reine to catch the ferry across the fjord and make my way to Bunes beach…

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  1. derek duncan says:

    You think 24 is bad? Bill Neal from work just spent 36 hours traveling to Indonesia. 30 hours on Planes and waiting in airports followed by a 6 hour boat ride.

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