The Empty Lands

Stone croft house in northeast Caithness.

Scotland stock photo: Abandoned croft house in northeast Caithness, Scotland. Cody Duncan photography

Walberla on Sunday

Cool looking tree which I’ve never noticed before.  I’ve already imaged a panoramic photo in winter after a heavy snow.  A lot of people out on the hill and kites were everywhere!  Was pretty windy though and some of them looked like they wouldn’t last too much longer.

Cody Duncan travel photography: Mother and son fly kite on Walberla Hill, Franconia, Germany

Autumn Fields

Friday morning. The van was packed and as I was going to start it I noticed the ignition coil light (diesel) never turned off. Hmmm. Took out the key and tried again, still wouldn’t turn off. Went ahead and started it anyhow, no problem. Go to drive down the street and it wont shift in automatic mode (weird hybrid auto/manual transmission), Bugger. Figured it would probably be best not to drive it. So much for the weekend’s plans of the Allgäu.

So we took a little tour over to burg Hohenstein and a Windbeutel to cure our sorrows. Passed a couple fields on the way.

Germany Stock panoramic photography: Late autumn corn field and colorful trees, Franconia, Germany. Cody Duncan Photography

Germany Stock panoramic photography: Mustard field, Franconia, Germany. Cody Duncan Photography

The Autumn Comes

Two quick shots while on the way to the supermarket last night. We’re heading down to the Allgäu tomorrow for the holiday weekend, but the forecast is for lots of clouds and rain and snow up high so it might not be too productive of a trip. Cool colors around here the last couple weeks. I need to get out and shoot more…

autumn leaves on ground - Cody Duncan Photography

golden autumn leaves on tree - Cody Duncan Photography

James Nachtwey and the TED prize