3 Years…

…Of this blog passed on Saturday the 11th. It’s had a couple homes in this times and I’ve posted from numerous different countries. In those 1,095 days I’ve only managed 200 posts, so something like once every 5.5 days; something to improve on in the coming year. But I must admit, the farther I am from an internet connection, the happier I seem to be.

I’m not such a good writer, but perhaps I’ll try and write more travel stories/anecdotes in the future. I’ve also logged enough days on the road that perhaps I might try and write a few travel and photography tips as well: Such as keeping your camera gear safe on a night bus from Lithuania to Prague, best places to sleep when you find yourself stranded, where to get a $2 haircut it Czech Republic, Norway on the cheap, etc.

What say you? Keep to pictures only, or throw some more words in?

Saturday morning was a nice one:

Panoramic stock images: Autumn mist at dawn in the Allgaeu region of Bavaria, Germany. Cody Duncan travel photography

More tomorrow. It was a good weekend down south!

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