Time lapse of clouds over Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain.

This is my first attempt to embed video, so if you have any problems seeing it, please comment!

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  1. Cody says:

    100 images taken at 10 second intervals, so about 17 minutes in total time passage. Then I put all the pics in ‘Imovie HD’ at about 6 frames/sec. This was the first time I’ve ever used ‘Imovie,’ but seemed to be the only thing on my comp which would work for this.

    This is going to be really dangerous for me, as I can see myself easily doing 5-6-7 hour time-lapses like this. Sabine was already a little grumpy waiting for this short little 17 minute one (we were supposed to be out taking a nice walk). I’ve also been studying a cool technique for night time-lapse photography, just gotta head off on my own during the next full moon with cool clouds.

    Congrats on the DRR sale! To a mag? I’ve noticed some DRR credits popping up here and there lately…

  2. Irene Chan says:

    I want to time-lapse my life! Just put a helmet-cam on and go for years and years! It played perfectly for me too.

    Don’t think the DRR image was for a mag, unless they’re running it as a spot. Think it must be for some textbook or something….

    Love the photos from snowy photos from the Allgäu region!!!

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