The Other Week…

Me: Cool, it’s snowing! lets go outside! I need to take some pics.

Her: What??? You’re crazy!

Me: What? Why?

Her: It’s too cold!

Me: You’re German!

Her: Ya, I like the sun!

Me: If a wuss like me from California isn’t cold, then a proper German can’t be.

Her: You’re crazy! It’s too early…

Me: Please!

Her: Ach. Blödmann!

Me: Ok, cool. See you outside.

Her: Blödmann…

Cody Duncan Stock Photography: woman in snow, Germany. © Cody Duncan Photography

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  1. Sabine says:

    I can’t believe Cody is from California! HE should have been cold!
    … But that must have something to do with your addiction of taking photos. So you can’t feel the minus 2°C (28°F).
    You haven’t seen snow too often, that’s why you like it so much… – Same with me and your palm trees. 😉

    I like snow, but not in April! Or let’s go skiing!

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