Cool little cave. If I were some cave-dude back in the day, this wouldn’t have been too bad of a place for a pad.

A bit tricky photo wise. 3 shots total: 1st for outside cave and silhouettes, next two for exposures inside cave. A bit of layer masking in Photoshop and here you go. Hardest part was from the people who kept standing in the background, wondering what I was doing or if there was something really cool they must be missing; as that could be the only reason there’s some guy in a cave with a really big camera on a tripod…

Cody Duncan Stock travel photography: Maximilianshöhle limestone cave, Franconia, Germany. © Cody Duncan photography

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  1. Cody says:

    Messed around with a little with HDR, but nothing too serious. I’ve seen some nice images, but I’m not too much of a fan of the “circus on LSD” look that seems to be popular.

    If I need multiple exposures, I just tend to do the masking myself, to basically replicate a grad ND filter.

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