Brief note to credit card companies…

I understand that the high interest rates you charge, compounded by the average American’s massive amount of personal debt means that you earn more money than I can imagine. Now I also understand that you like to spend this money chopping down lots of trees and printing with toxic inks to send me lots of letters in the mail so that I can make you more money. Now, I understand this is a two way street; you put a couple bucks in my wallet that I don’t really have and I’ll write you the deed to my soul. Good, cool, fine.

But, Please don’t tell me that I have been ‘pre-approved’ when I haven’t actually been ‘pre-approved.’ Back when I actually needed a credit card, I was never approved, despite the fact that you told me I was pre-approved. False advertising. Calling my lawyer right now. Hope he takes Visa.

Second, if you are trying to market your card as some sort of ‘travel’ card and give it some fancy name like ‘explorer,’ ‘world card,’ ‘travel plus,’ etc. Then I don’t want to see that stupid 3% tax, oops, I mean ‘foreign currency exchange fee’ when I read the fine print. Presumably a ‘travel’ card would be used for just that, travel. So why would I want to add an extra 3% tax after already paying the obscene taxes which often exist abroad. Maybe your just hoping that I don’t/can’t read…

So, quit chopping down trees and filling my mailbox with stuff that you wont actually give me!

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