To the Limit

Go see this film.

Its playing twice during the Santa Barbara International Film fest: Sunday the 27th at 4:30 and Tuesday the 29th at 4:30. Both times at the Arlington.

It’s about the brothers Alexander and Thomas Huber and their speed record attempt of the Nose on El Capitan. I was lucky to be at the premier last spring in Germany, but will try and go again tomorrow (as it will hopefully have been subtitled, originally in German). Even if your not especially into climbing, I think it would still be a nice film to see as it has some stunning scenery of the Valley, as well as Patagonia and Germany. This film is about their attempts a couple years ago, not last years. In October last year, while my girlfriend and I were passing through the valley we spoke briefly with Alex about the progress on their latest attempt. A couple weeks later, on Oct. 8th, they set the record at 2:45.45. That is 2,900 vertical feet of granite. Most normal people take around 4-5 days…

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