the wastelands…

Been working on a few stock photos these last days. Kept coming across ugly things that I seem to like taking pictures of.

Had some thunderstorms pass over the other night, but alas, I was not with my camera at the time, nor at home. After about 15 minutes of seeing some of the most spectacular lightning I’ve ever seen (coming from Santa Barbara we get lightning like what, once every three years.), I decide I need to stop what I was doing and get to my camera. So I bolted out the door and ran through awful rain, black skies and streaks of lightning all around; Arriving completely soaked. Would have been some cool shots of lightning over the church tower, but by this time, the storm had passed for the most part, and was now in the distance…

stairway in prague

coal poweplant in czech republic

abandoned building in cesky krumlov

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