Bit of a Scare

So I’m using my day off today to drive into Queenstown to have a WOF (warrant of fitness) check done on my van. About 10 minutes from town while driving along the winding road between QT and Glenorchy at about 100km/hr, I suddenly hear a large “boom!” and my windshield is completely shattered, couldn’t see a thing. The semi-truck in front of me threw a rock off the back wheel right at me, never saw it coming. Luckily it was on a straight section of road, else I probably would have gone off the edge. I pulled into a turnout, and then proceeded to remove the shattered remains of my windshield. So then there I was, driving into QT without a window on my van, must of been a pretty funny sight. Luckily I found a repair shop and will get it fixed tomorrow, which means the hour drive back to QT again. I just hope there isn’t a southerly or it might not be a fun ride. No rain allowed either! On the way back north I got stung in the ear by a bee, it’s still hurting several hours later.

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