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Storm over Selfjorden

snow covered boat shed on shore of Selfjord in winter, near Fredvang, Moskenesoy, Lofoten islands, Norway

Boat sheds on the Moskenesøya side of Selfjorden, the far shore being Flakstadøya.

Travel landscape stock photography: boat shed in winter snow storm, Selfjorden, Lofoten islands, Norway

Only 15 minutes between these photos.  I had been haunted by this storm for hours as I watched it slowly approach.  At times it would be held up by the 1000 meter high mountain peaks rising from the sea and I would escape its arrival for a precious few minutes, but once I gained exposure to the north it hit with a fury of snow and wind.  A bitter cold straight from the arctic winter, chilling me to the bone.   It was a wild ride that night, alone in my tent halfway up some mountain pass.