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Arctic Nights

Just walked in the door after 24 hours of travel.  Been up in the Lofoten islands for the last week.  More photos coming tomorrow and the next days.  But for a quick teaser of things to come: snow, snow, a bit more snow, and maybe some snow…

Northern lights over lofoten islands, Norway. Cody Duncan photography

Windloch Sackdilling

Was in Windloch Sackdilling cave again last night. Weather wasn’t so good, so the best thing to do is go underground. The ice-stalagmites have grown quite a bit and are pretty cool looking. I only had 1 SB-800 flash with me and no tripod as I wanted to keep things light while down in the cave, so I couldn’t do too much. But hopefully I can head back sometime this week with all my lighting gear (it’s pitch black, no natural light) and see what I can come up with. The ice is only in the first part of the cave, so no rappelling required to get there.

Windloch Sackdilling cave, Oberpfalz, Germany: photo of Ice stalagmites

Windloch Sackdilling cave, Oberpfalz, Germany: photo of Ice stalagmites

Crawling out from one of the small passages in the back of the cave.

Caving photography: caver crawling through narrow passage in limestone cave, Windloch Sackdilling cave, Oberpfalz, Germany:


Panoramic photo: Wetterstein range in winter. Cody Duncan Photography

Wetterstein group in winter from near Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

9 vertical images at 200mm.

Burg Hohenstein

Burg Hohenstein castle, Mittelfranken - franconia, Germany

Warm winter light on a cold winter day at Hohenstein a few weeks back.

Across the Minch

Some twenty or so miles across the Little Minch rise the mountains of Harris. I was there once, on some journey years ago. For some reason the Hebridean isles have been on my mind lately. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen any ocean since last July, the longest period in my life, so the idea of wandering along an empty beach with a cold north wind on some wild and rugged island on the edge of the world is like a dream.

Isle of Skye stock photo: view across the Little Minch to Isle of Harris, Scotland