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Mount Whitney Mountaineers Route

Adventure travel stock photography - View from tent to Mount Whitney, California

View from my tent at Iceberg Lake, about 12,600 feet, towards the east face of Mount Whitney (and my smelly socks).

Sort of at the last minute I decided to make a quick trip up Whitney this past weekend before all the snow melted and before I leave California again (somewhat soon).  Weather was sunny the whole time but the winds were quite strong.  I’d estimate it reached 60+ mph on Sunday when I was on the summit.  I didn’t even bother bringing the camera out as there was so much snow flying around.  On the way up, whenever a big gust would come up, I would just have to lean into the mountain as I received a battery of snow and ice and rock for a minute or two, then climb on again. Good fun.

Mountain landscape photography - East face of Mount Whitney sunrise

Mount Whitney Mountaineers Route – Images by Cody Duncan

Windloch Sackdilling

Was in Windloch Sackdilling cave again last night. Weather wasn’t so good, so the best thing to do is go underground. The ice-stalagmites have grown quite a bit and are pretty cool looking. I only had 1 SB-800 flash with me and no tripod as I wanted to keep things light while down in the cave, so I couldn’t do too much. But hopefully I can head back sometime this week with all my lighting gear (it’s pitch black, no natural light) and see what I can come up with. The ice is only in the first part of the cave, so no rappelling required to get there.

Windloch Sackdilling cave, Oberpfalz, Germany: photo of Ice stalagmites

Windloch Sackdilling cave, Oberpfalz, Germany: photo of Ice stalagmites

Crawling out from one of the small passages in the back of the cave.

Caving photography: caver crawling through narrow passage in limestone cave, Windloch Sackdilling cave, Oberpfalz, Germany: