Baja 250 – Blood, Girls and Dust…

Good times once again in Baja. A couple photos for now. More coming in the next days; 3000 to edit…

2008 Baja 250 San Felipe  KTM riders David pearson and Quinn Cody at pit stop.  © Cody Duncan Photography

2x KTM team rider David Pearson handing the bike over to Quinn Cody at a pit stop.

2008 baja 250 San Felipe. Rider pulling cactus thorns from arm after pre-run of course. © Cody Duncan Photography

Dangers of the desert: the wonderful experience of pulling Cholla thorns.

2008 Baja 250 San Felipe. Street musician watching women dancers during pre-race festival.  © Cody Duncan Photography

Entertainment for the entertainment.

Back to Baja…

Baja 250 coming up next week (March 14-15), so I’m heading down to San Felipe tomorrow to shoot a story about an all female race team (more later) and help with the pre-run of the course during the week. Should be a good times…

Motorcycle rider and Mexican army soldiers in Baja California, Mexico. © Cody Duncan Photography


The shore break can be a bit gnarly. My mom trying to go for a swim.




Baja 1000

I’ve put up a few picture galleries from the Baja 1000 on my photoshelter account: Trophy trucks – Class 1, Motorcycles, Quads.

Robby Bell, 1x honda rider, 2007 Baja 1000

Concentration: The young Robby Bell of the 1x Honda team lead the start for their first place overall finish of 24:15 – 1,296 miles.

Robby Gordon at finish of 2007 Baja 1000

The ever popular Robby Gordon, Just after finishing.

Still more info and photos of the whole trip coming soon, I promise. Just have to focus on the business stuff for a few days.


I walked in the door at 3:30 this morning, exhausted. Time to sort several thousand images…



More coming in the next days…

The long road…

In a few days I’m driving a truck full of motorcycles south to La Paz, Mexico for a pre-run of part of the Baja 1000 course. I haven’t been able to find anyone to come with me, so it looks like I’ll be making the whole trip solo; something around 25-30 hours, or so I’ve been told.

Now I have to figure out which would be less dangerous: driving during the night, then catching a few hours of sleep around daybreak, drive through the day, then a few more hours sleep right before sunset, then drive through the night again. Or my other option is to leave during the day, drive until 2-3 in the morning, get a few hours sleep, then drive again around sunrise. I’ve heard Mexican roads aren’t always the safest to be driving down at night. But then I figure it wouldn’t be too safe to pull off on some side road in the middle of the night to sleep in my truck without really knowing what’s around me and a bunch of motorcycles in the back.

Should be cool to be in Cabo for the finish of the race, then the long drive home. Should be a bit of an adventure…